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okay so ive been back for a while
but i dont post on here, cuz no one seems to give a fuck. but that dont bother me

it was the fucking shit. My favortie Ride[s] were the

tower of terror
californa screamin
grizley water rapids
splas mountain
indiana jones [the first time i rode it, it wasnt soo scray the second time]
pirates of the carriben
the ferris whell [well who doesnt like does rides lol]
and i belive thats all

the whole trip was payed for, buy my grandparents.

i went to DARK LOTUS 7-5-08
and that shit was fresh
instead of sum fuck named haystack being there
i saw me sum esham the unholy. WOOT WOOT
they had dancers for the wolfpac performance. the dancers got down into there underwear and bras and danced around. Lets be truthful, most of the girls besides 1 look like a slut. that one girl was fucking sexy

i have no pics...x[ 

leavin to cali

im so excited about cali. Im going to anaheim, imma go to disneyland. woot woot. im not sure when i will be back, but its going to be freakin awsome. ill be back with more info, when i get back to da az. 

as of my last post

as of my last post....
i got layed off my job.. why? they say they dont have the money to pay me 60 a week, but they can pay someone 400 a week. ya its bullsmit. "niggah you know they b rollin in all dat dough"

my cat Kaylin went missing...
i miss him soo much, i swear if someone took his ass, there gonna find them selves a new ass hole. who the fuck stills someones cat? i can understand a dog, but a fucking cat!?!?!? WTF!

i have made like 4 diff. videos
insane clown posse- bitches
twiztid- who am i
dark lotus- juggalo family
insane clown posee- the show must go on

so fuck all this bullsmit that has been happining....ill just get me a better job, where i actually make money, and work. FUCK THEM ASSHOLES! grrrrr x]
as for the cat, idk what the fuck imma do, i might get a new one.....

Good News

so i found out that my dog kali, does not have bravo, or valley fever. That is really good news to me, but the bill was well over 110 bucks. They gave us some donated pills, and shots, i hope it all works out! I really wish the best for my baby. I really have to thank my boyfriend, and best friend for helping me pay for the vet bill. GOSH i never knew that they were so expansive.

Heart Broken

so i just found out my new puppy might have bravo, or valley fever, that makes me sooooo fucking sad. Dont tell that fucking shit, she may have it, but i dont wonna hear it. i love her with all my heart, and this sucks i dont know what i would do with out her. The vet bills are tooo much money, and i dont wonna put her down. :[

the neden game

me and my home girl made a vid for the neden game. yes its looks crapy, but were redoing it here soon, this is just TEMPORARY! and dont hate on my shit, if you dont like dont watch it.<br style="display:none"/><br />


monoxide- blaze

 I Love this song by monoxide, off his cd chainsmoker! video is crappy, but its only temporary


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